I Start Counting / Fortran 5 / Komputer – Konnecting…

I Start Counting / Fortran 5 / Komputer – Konnecting…

I must say that I’m a bit ambivalent to this collection. When I first heard the single ‘Still Smiling’, I fell instantly in love with it. I ordered their first single ‘Letters to a friend’ immediately and it was almost as good. Then I waited. And waited. One year later, the single ‘Catch That look’ (I have it on yellow vinyl!) was released. Awesome track, full of cool sounds. B-sides ‘Cooler Than Calcutta‘ and ‘You And I (Remix)’ was almost as good. Guess if I had high expectations for the forthcoming album!
But when ‘My Translucent Hands’ was released, it was a big disappointment to me. Where had all the catchy synthpop songs gone? It was the same on the album ‘Fused’ from 1988. Pure hits mixed with odd noises. But somehow, for me, this is the charm of David Baker and Simon Leonard who makes ​​music together since 1982. They never seem to have bothered to become best selling pop stars. They have made the music they felt for at the moment without worrying about some sales figures.
They have also changed the group name three (!) times. With that said, this collection would be quite different if I had presented it. They have done so many more accessible songs than this. But hey, who wants to be a popstar? 😉
Just look at the video below, a song that only was released as mp3 on the band’s website with no promotion at all. What a waste!
But still I admire them, because I know that they don’t care… 🙂


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