Tip: Xenia Beliayeva – Ever Since

Xenia Beliayeva – Ever Since

So that we do not misunderstand each other: Xenia Beliayeva is not an easy to enjoy sweet snack, neither as a producer nor as a DJ. Her arrangement of electronic music brings forth the demanding creatures of the night, which approve the sound as a central stylistic medium, but last but not least she adds a further sensual element with the addition of her voice. Not only “Ultra Glamour“, but also “Hellraiser“, to speak in her song titles.Tracks such as “Ultra Glamour”, “Chocolate”, “Nanotubes”, “Hellraiser” and “Wedding & Funeral” as well as her new interpretation of the Rother classic “Don’t Worry” make Beliayeva one of the most important ambassador’s of the new label sound: powerful and energetic, Beliayeva flirts with industrial noise and in spite of everything remains full of emotion. No wonder that in the meantime even long standing cult figures of electronic music such as Nitzer Ebb singer Douglas McCarthy draw on Beliayeva’s mixing skills for the current single for the Fixmer/McCarthy project.Well worth checking out!


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