Tip: Max Richter – Infra

Max Richter – Infra

A couple of my favorite composers are Icelander Jóhann Jóhannsson and British Clint Mansell.

Max Richter, born in Germany in the mid-60th century, is almost of the same class. He has a long career as a musician and composer behind him. He was for many years a member of the ensemble Piano Circus, with whom he released several albums. Since then, Richter has written movie soundtracks and worked as a producer.

Infra was originally composed for a performance of the English Royal Ballet, a collaboration between music, dance and visual arts. When the music is now finally released on their own feet, it is in an extended version with new variations and additions, and with the help of a string quintet.

The opening track Infra 1 begins with radio static that slowly evolve into what could pass for an introduction to a Sigur Rós song, and this in turn slides into a journey, a piece of minimalist piano moonlight still plagued by static. The album spans over 32 minutes and Richter playes it with echoing tones of unclear genesis and further found sounds of a platform for tremulous chamber music and quiet piano sonata movements.

Nicely done!


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