News: Technomancer – Mindspace

Technomancer – Mindspace

Technomancer started working with computer-based music in 2002 under the name ‘Airblade 47’, using Dance eJay, though none of these eJay mixes have been released commercially. He handed out albums made under this moniker to his friends until 2004 when he started making synthpop under his real name Roy Digre, receiving private lessons from the famous Norwegian musician and composer Bodvar Drottninghaug Moe, who was also his music teacher at his school.
In 2008 he released his first Technomancer album called Restructure which is still available for download. The style is very different from more recent releases though, focusing on a mix of techno, pop, rock and at times even jazz. In August 2009 he released De:Harmonized on the Italian Ekleipsi NetLabel, which spawned the hit ‘Emulator’. The album displayed a much more consistent futurepop-oriented style. After the release of De:Harmonized, he started his own label Technomancer Music on which he released Emulator EP in November 2009.
The new album Mindspace is a non-stop journey of emotions and technology. Like Technomancer’s debut album ‘De:Harmonized’, ‘Mindspace’ provides club-friendly floorfillers with celebral lyrics and thought-provoking themes, as well as some tracks that give deeper insight into the rich electronic landscape that Technomancer paints with his synths. This is what might as well be considered a new beginning for Technomancer, and certainly his best, most detailed and atmospheric album to date!


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