Best albums of 2010

First, my absolute favourite: Unheilig – Grosse Freiheit sadly is not on Spotify 😦

On to top 5:

Minerve – Please

Minerve, formed in Germany 2002, is continuing their journey towards a more clean popsound. This album could easily attract mainstream listeners.

Front Line Assembly – Improvised Electronic Device

Bill Leeb and Chris Peterson returns with 2 new members after Rhys Fulber left for the second (!) time. The sound is harsh but still melodic and there is no question that FLA still is the best industrial synth band!

Diorama – Cubed

It took Torben Wendt, the brainchild of Diorama, almost three years to complete Cubed, their seventh album. It is a kind of concept album; your cube is where your life takes place, where you present yourself or even where you watch the outside and the outside is watching back.
The album was preceded by the brilliant single ‘Child of Entertainment’.

De/Vision – Popgefahr

For more than two decades, De/Vision members Steffan Keth and Thomas Adam have been producing catchy synthpop tunes. Unfortunately, they have been drawn with the rumour that they would be a pale imitation of Depeche Mode, but with this release they show that they are safely on their own feet.

My favourite tracks are the superb single, ‘Rage’, she beautiful and moody ‘What’s Love All About’ and the mid-tempo ‘Time to be Alive’. 10 good songs all in all.


Carbon Based Lifeforms – Interloper
Carbon Based Lifeforms - Interloper
Gothenburg-based Carbon Based Lifeforms (Daniel Segerstad & John Hedberg) third album is a real hit.

Interloper is alluring, addictive and atmospheric. But it takes a few listens, as with all good music. Again, CBL has created some emotionally intense yet hopeful melodies that will stir up your emotions and enhance your imagination. Clearly, these guys know exactly where to go with their music. Each of the CBL album is unique in its own way, and if you loved ‘Hydroponic Garden’ and was mesmerized by ‘World of Sleepers’ like me, you will definitely love ‘Interloper’, because it is a direct continuation of these two chapters, a new and refreshing chapter. If you never heard of CBL before, listening to Interloper would be a great way to get to know their music and get a clear perspective on their sound and style.
Highly, highly recommended.

Places 6 to 10:


Code 64 - Departure
Code 64

Ambra Red - Electronic Creations For Special People
Ambra Red

Iris - Blacklight

Ashbury Heights - Take Care Paramour
Ashbury Heights

Mind.In.A.Box - R.E.T.R.O

And finally… 20 albums that almost made it to the top 10, no particular order:

Lazerhawk – Redline
Babylonia – Motel La Solitude
Hurts – Happiness
Cryo – Hidden Aggression
Dead When I Found Her – Harm’s Way
Spektralized – The Puzzle
Culture Kultür – Spirit
In Strict Confidence – La Parade Monstrueuse
Edge Of Dawn – Anything That Gets You Through The Night
Deine Lakaien – Indicator
Combichrist – Making Monsters
Nitzer Ebb – Industrial Complex
Vision Talk – Elevation
Parralox – Metropolis
Girl & The Robot – The Beauty Of Decay
Future Perfect – Dirty Little Secrets
OMD – History Of Modern
Twice A Man – Icicles
Massiv in Mensch – Niemand Weiss was die Zukunft Bringt
In My Rosary – Retro


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