Daybehavior – Follow that Car!

Daybehavior – Follow that Car!

‘Follow That Car!’ is Daybehavior’s first album in nine years! And when the first track ‘Come To Bed With Me’ starts to play I suddenly realize how much I missed them.
One can tell that they think it’s fun to be back. It is playful, well played, performed and produced. Just listen to Kraftwerk hommage in ‘City Lights’ when Paulinda sings ‘From Station to Station …’ the drums suddenly change to sound like on the track ‘Trans Europe Express’!
Another funny thing is the quote from one of my favorite movies D.O.A from 1950 on the song ‘A Train to Moscow’. Examples are many. It’s a joy listening.
Singer Julian Brandt shows up on one of the best tracks ‘For a Thousand Years’. A really great duet!

Please check it out, it is really, really good! 4.5 out of 5!

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S.I.B. – Swelling Itching Brain [FREE ALBUM!!!]

S.I.B. – Swelling Itching Brain

This album consists of a collection of (demo) tracks from the pre-Stratvm Terror project S.I.B. (Swelling Itching Brain), active in Mjölby, Sweden between 1991-1993. The band name was taken from a Devo track from 1979. S.I.B. did never release anything officially but did a number of live shows in the Mjölby region. First S.I.B played a synth-EBM mixture but later in 1993 S.I.B. embraced a more harsh style which would beceome the seed of Stratvm Terror. Some of the last S.I.B. tracks were even used for Stratvm Terror.